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Disposable Tri-Turner Sling
Waverley Glen

Disposable Slings are designed to be used by one individual and disposed of when; a) the patient/resident no longer requires it or b) the sling is soiled. All disposable slings are rated to 272kg. Label indicates when the sling is in need of disposal. Typical safe use ranges from 1 -3 months (dependent upon frequency of use).
Tri-Turner sling’s dual, triangular shape and padded foam provides excellent support for the entire back. Used to turn a client into a lateral, resting position, for added convenience and safety, each sling has four attachment points. The sewn-in Velcro Loop and Hook attach the sling to the bed, helping to turn the client comfortably.
(Sling used only for turning-not lifting).

Disposable Tri-Turner Sling <br> Waverley Glen

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Waverley Glen

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