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Ropimex Curtains

ropimex® curtains made fromTrevira®CS/ Trevira®CS BIOACTIVE

Our flame-retardant curtains with a feel-good factor. For that extra safety.
As curtains to protect privacy in healthcare and care facilities, and as attractive room partitions
As a room divider covering

ropimex® curtains made from staph CHEK®

The fabric for sanitary blocks
Staph CHEK® is a highly stable, compact fabric that is ideal for use as a shower curtain, and in areas where careful treatment cannot be guaranteed because of exceptional circumstances.

Cleanique®: Shower curtains of the new generation

Hygiene of the highest degree.
As shower curtains in healthcare and nursing facilities, in private homes, baths, saunas and wellness facilities
As an underlay and/or hygienic overlay for laboratories or areas with heightened hygienic requirements

Ropimex Curtains
Ropimex Curtains
Ropimex Curtains

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