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CHS Care Plan

CHS Healthcare offers a comprehensive service and maintenance program called the “CHS Care Plan”.

What is a CHS Healthcare Care Plan?

Your CHS Care Plan is a preventative maintenance schedule required by law for your healthcare patient lifting equipment including fixed and portable hoists, ceiling rail systems and slings.

A Care Plan ensures you are compliant to Australian mandatory standards that apply to all patient lifting equipment, including service requirements.

What a CHS Healthcare Care Plan gives you:

  • Standards compliance – be safe and assured that you are complying with standards laws governing the installation and use of patient lifting equipment
  • Safety – your care organisation, your carers and your residents will feel safe knowing the equipment you provide to deliver care in your organisation is inspected, serviced and safety checked regularly
  • Peace of mind – you will feel secure with a CHS Care Plan and a regular inspection and maintenance schedule. CHS provides you with ongoing and on-call service response times, ensuring peace of mind for your scheduled and unexpected emergencies

Why choose CHS Healthcare?

  • Eliminate risk – our Care Plan meets and exceeds safety standards for equipment and workplace operation so you and your carers are able to minimise risk at your care facility, thus ensuring a safer workplace with fully serviced and tested equipment.
  • Expertise – we share with you our 15 years’ experience as a dedicated healthcare provider to guarantee you receive the best solution available.
  • Tailored Systems – our experienced and proven CHS technical sales team will design and provide solutions to meet your specific needs, effectively and efficiently.
  • Impeccable Service – CHS customers are our number one priority. That’s why we strive to provide product support and service second to none.
  • Product Range – CHS is always on the cutting edge with the latest products available globally. CHS clients receive the most up-to-date solution every time
  • Standards – CHS meets and exceeds AS/NZS ISO 10535:2011

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