What is the PLR? Get your hoist:bed ratio right for your residents and staff

In order to protect carers and those who care for them, we need to ensure that the right equipment is available to staff and residents in all facilities.

CHS Healthcare works closely with hospitals, aged care providers, physiotherapists and community centres to ensure the best choice and proper installation of ceiling hoists and accessories across Australia.Read more

All Your Questions About Our Flexi-Link Connection System Answered

At Ceiling Hoist Solutions, one of our most successful products is our Flexi-Link Connection System.

The Flexi-Link Connection System is a world first product designed, patented and manufactured by Ceiling Hoist Solutions.Read more

BIM – Making it Easier to Design Healthcare Spaces with Revit

At Ceiling Hoist Solutions we work tirelessly to support those who care for elderly patients and those requiring mobility aids.  First we launched the CHS App, which allowed builders, architects and therapists to access CHS products and services on the go. Now we have made it even easier to design spaces that cater for a variety of healthcare facilities such as hospitals, aged care and community or therapy areas. The answer – Building Information Modelling.Read more

To all of our valued Occupational Therapists

CHS wishes you all a happy and prosperous new year! As we head into 2015 we’re making some improvements and changes at Ceiling Hoist Solutions.  2014 was our busiest year ever, and we want to thank you for trusting us to help you with your clients and their needs.  This year we’ve got a lot of new products and services on the way to make more services available to you, in an easier way for everyone.  As we continue to offer new services, these changes will ensure we are there for you more efficiently in person, by phone and online, whilst providing you with more of the same great levels of support we are so proud of.Read more

How the CHS App Makes Life Easier

Designing a space to cater for the needs of the disabled or elderly for the home, or as part of a hospital or aged care facility can be a challenge, whether you are a builder, an architect or even a therapist.  Fortunately, CHS is always available to make recommendations about products, design and installation.Read more

CHS wins Bendigo Hospital

Ceiling Hoist Solutions was recently selected as the provider of choice for ceiling hoists for the new Bendigo Hospital!  With a comprehensive design of CHS Slimline rail systems with K-Series fixed hoists and Etac Molift Nomad hoists, Bendigo Hospital will have the most efficient and practical patient lifting equipment for years to come.  More news to come shortly …

Box Hill Hospital Complete!

CHS recently completed Box Hill Hospital – visit our gallery to see a comprehensive showcase of rail systems and hoist applications incorporating both complex and simple rail designs, and fulfilling all facets of care such as cardiac, bariatric, sub-acute and labour delivery. Ceiling Hoist Solutions commenced installation in early 2013, recently completing commissioning works in July 2014. Throughout this major project, CHS has installed more than 420 individual rail systems incorporating bariatric, fixed and portable hoists and CHS Slimline Rails. Fixed Waverley Glen C1000 450kg bariatric hoist systems are installed in the Intensive Care ward and specialist care rooms throughout Box Hill Hospital. Fixed Waverley Glen C450 205kg hoists are installed to Cardiac Cath areas and Labour Delivery Rooms to provide exclusive care.

Worksafe Safety Alert

For more information on the Worksafe Safety Alert please see the Worksafe website

Echuca Hospital

Ceiling Hoist Solutions are proud to announce selection for the new extension to the Echuca Regional Hospital.  Our installers are now onsite, supplying a quality range of rail systems to support the efficient and demanding needs of the hospital environment.  Read more


Ward privacy screens have made hospital curtains a thing of the past. Privacy screens are a modern alternative to hospital curtains – and can even be more cost effective. While you’re here, take a look at our gallery and see just how good Ward screens look in a ward environment.Read more